Friday, August 9, 2013


From the desk of  Author Joseph Smith

I have written two spiritual books, but After years of careful researcher I realize that the reason most people and preachers don’t understand the bible, is because most of them have never been born again, according to the scriptures: John 3:3,5 and Acts 2:38. Read my latest book The Devil’s Workshop will be unique experience. The Devil’s Workshop takes an in-depth look at world religions as a whole, and the growing corruption in the Churches. The Devil’s Workshop explains the resurgent of the occult into days’ time and how all this religion confusion will bring the false prophet into power, with a lost generation. @

My book THE REVIVAL O F THE ROMAN EMPIRE:                   

It deal with rebirth of the Roman Empire began in 1948 at The Hague, with the European congress and the Council of European that convene a year later at Strasbourg. By 1951 four other nations had join in on the framework, and broker the agreement. This agreement would be regulated by  the coal and steel industry, under one common authority. By 1952 French foreign minister Robert Schuman had broker and  agreement, with Western Germany to regulate the coal and steel industry. They form what is known today as, the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC). In 1952 the six of these nations was working on the framework for a more unify European economic system. These nations are France, West Germany now Germany; after its reunification in 1990, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, and  the Netherlands, all joined together to create; the two Treaties of Roman. These treaties started what is known as the revival of the Roman  Empire.  They were later be joined by other European nations; these nations were  Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Finland, Sweden, and Great Britain. Great Britain at first was denied admittance twice, once in 1963 and a second time in 1967, by France President Charles de Gaulle;  because of their close  ties  to the US. They were  not admitted  into the  European  Community until  1973.  The  EC later   became   the   EU  in  1993,    as   this    supranational organization  gain more control over sovereign nations will   eventually   be   required  to  surrender  all   their sovereign rights,  their financial  institutions and their people, and be force to adopt  a  constitution that will govern  Europe  as  a whole. Through this constitution the President of the EU will control Europe. @

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