Thursday, March 31, 2016

Traditional publishers vs. Self-publishing

Most of old and today authors look to big name Traditional publishers, like Simon Schuster, Random House and etc. to be published. But a lot of talent writers will never get printed, by these traditional publishers. What most people don’t know about the traditional publishers, is they usually only publish the writers they have been publishing for years, and every now and then they’ll late a new writer in. They only looking for those they can make millions with, or can possibly get a movie deal through them. Then there’s the literary agency they want to be an intermediate for you and them, which will cost you money or hefty percentages of your royalties. In this process many talented writers are looked over, not only that the voice of the people is never heard, because there is a form censorship going on with the traditional publishers.  Those author that are published by traditional publisher only receive cents on a dollar for each book that is printed.      
Breaking the chain of censorship and the traditional publishers.  Self-publishers have made it possible to unshackle yourself from the traditional publisher chains. Self-publishing is far more rewarding, it is simple, you get out of it what you put in it, and you walk away with most of all your money, you are in control of your own destiny.  What do need to start? Is your self-confidence and the ability to tell great stories, which captivate people, and the patience to see your work to the end. Your business is writing books and selling them, like any other business you need a great marketing strategy that’s 95% of the business. Also when Self-publishing beware of these Self-publishing companies charging a fee to be published. One of those companies I’ve had a really bad experience with is AuthorHouse or Authorsolution one in the same. I am yet to receive all the money for the books they sold, stay clear of them. My suggestion for those wanting to break the shackle of these traditional publishing companies and get your voice heard; Check out Createspace
From the desk of Author Joseph Smith, the writer of The Revival of the Roman Empire, The Devil’s Workshop, and Caliphate rise of the Islamic Nation and The Temple Mount @  

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Secret Society Shrouded in Symbolism

What do you see when looking at the education tree? Most people only see a tree, but to the illuminati this tree represent the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden. It where Satan supposedly set man free from God and give him the ability to reason. To these Luciferian the education system is where people are taught a sublime luciferin doctrine, and is where the mass of people are taught anti-God views. It is where Homosexuality is taught to be natural and acceptable way of life, and it is where evil is taught as good and good taught as evil. It is where these humanist have been most successful in bending society to the depraved statement of mind and the dumbing down of society. From here they have impregnated society with all kind of anti-God view, and it is a place all must pass thought or suffer the government wrath, for not receiving the brainwashing and misinformation for your enslavement to these secret societies.   

1 Cor 11: 4 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light (messenger of knowledge in these institutions).   


Monday, March 7, 2016

Lord Maitreya has come

When evil men rule the world there shall appear the false prophet that will united all the world religions and secret societies. The false prophet has appeared and was first televised to whole world on April 2014, the first Blood Moon of the tetrad on Passover, where his canter called on the Christians, Satanist, and Illuminati's to join him.  In the Muslim world he will be the one to introduce  the 12th imam, the descendant of  Muhammad, the Al-Mahdi to the world. The false prophet will be the one to lead the world off into the The New World Order Rev 13:11-18.  Today there is one man going around the world uniting the world religions and that is Pope Francis. The bible let us know he will be the one to introduce the Antichrist to the world and bring about a new economic system, which you will have to take the Mark of the breast, to become a part off Satan counterfeit kingdom right before Christ return Rev 13:11-18, Rev 14:8-11, Rev 16:10-15, Rev 13:1-9. But to be part of Christ Kingdom you have to be born of water and of Spirit John 3:3, 5, Acts 2:38. Satan has always tried to immolate God, here is something to think about in the days to come,  as we witness the fulfillment of the bible. Here is a insert from a book written in the early 90's by A. Ralph Epperson called The New World Order who has some insight in what is going on to day. Pay close attention to what he is describing and the pictures you see below, and who is at the center of attention.